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Are you worried about the air quality in your home or business? At Priced Right Heating & Cooling in Overland Park, Kansas, we have UV air sanitizers for HVAC systems that work overtime to clean the air in your home or business. These unique air sanitizers remove harmful microscopic particles from the atmosphere. Consider some answers to the most frequently asked questions about UV air sanitizers.

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UV Air Sanitizer Installation in Overland Park

Are you concerned about the air quality in your home or office? Consider getting a UV air sanitizer installed. These devices work by using ultraviolet light to safely and effectively eliminate harmful airborne contaminants, such as bacteria and viruses. Not only can this improve the overall air quality, but it can also help reduce unpleasant odors and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

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What is a UV Air Sanitizer?

A UV air sanitizer has lamps that emit ultraviolet radiation that destroy some types of airborne bacteria, viruses, and molds. This ultraviolet radiation also gets rid of airborne pollutants that settle on various parts of an HVAC system such as the drain pan, cooling coils, or duct work. Our cleaning specialists have the knowledge and equipment needed to evaluate the air quality in a home to determine whether a household would benefit from a UV air sanitizer.

Why are these units beneficial?

Airborne bacteria and germs can cause colds, flu, and other illnesses. People living in a home equipped with a UV air sanitizer may suffer from fewer illnesses as a result. Another benefit of having a UV air sanitizer is that it can reduce the symptoms of someone who suffers from asthma or allergies. It cleans the air of particles that can aggravate allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and headaches. The third benefit is that a UV air sanitizer can prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from building up on surfaces in a home or business as well as inside an HVAC unit.

How do UV lights work in the HVAC system?

A UV light within an HVAC system kills microorganisms. Ultraviolet light moves in short wavelengths. These wavelengths carry a tremendous amount of heat that affects the molecules within various types of bacteria. Ultraviolet light is invisible to humans, but has the power to destroy viruses and other tiny bacteria floating in the air.

What kind of household would benefit most from this system?

There are many households that can benefit from having a UV air sanitizer within an HVAC system. For instance, a household with lots of pets can benefit from having this type of sanitizer. Dogs and cats can spread bacteria and germs by tracking in foreign particles on their fur or paws.

A household with occupants who have weak immune systems can benefit from having a UV air sanitizer. These individuals are less likely to become ill with a quality air sanitizer working in the home. A home located in an area with a high level of air pollution would also benefit from this type of air sanitizer.

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How To Maintain Your UV Air Sanitizer

Maintaining your UV air sanitizer is an important step in ensuring its effectiveness at improving the air quality in your home or office.

First, be sure to regularly replace the filter according to manufacturer guidelines – this helps keep the unit running efficiently and prevents any build up of contaminants. It’s also important to clean the outside of the unit using a damp cloth and gentle cleanser, removing any dust or debris that may block the UV light from properly disinfecting the air. Finally, keep an eye on your unit’s UV bulb and replace it every year or as needed to maintain its effectiveness.

Follow these tips for maintaining your UV air sanitizer and you’ll enjoy cleaner, fresher air for years to come.

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